John Buck’s New Mask

John Buck’s New Mask

john bucks mask

John Buck debuts his new mask on April 1st, opening day against the Padres. “Gerald with VooDoo Air is the one who designs my masks.  He does most of the masks for the NHL goalies as well.  I met him up in Toronto when I played there.  My inspiration for my masks is taken from the city I play for.”- John Buck. Since Buck started playing in the big leagues the MLB has made rules against having catchers masks with this kind of custom design. He is one of the only players that is still grandfathered in to be able to wear this kind of mask.


  1. This is pretty awesome. Any chance miniature replicas of these could be made?

  2. Looks awesome. As a Mets fan I’m psyched on it. As a graffiti writer I love the homage to the train. Nice homerun tonight. Already way more productive than t-hole!


  1. harvey - . thanks!
  2. Gilbert - . благодарствую!

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